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In June 1929, Professor Jürgen Hans from RWTH Aachen invented the world’s first tube ice making machine, and this invention brought a consumers’ edible ice revolution. Nowadays Külinda has developed into a world famous enterprise with its business related to management & consulting, private equity, acquisition & merger and machinery manufacturing industries.
For better sales, Professor Jürgen Hans founded his company in the name of his’ wife’s name Külinda and turned his innovation itself into a business venture which started in Frankfurt/ Germany in 1932.
In 1941, Professor Jürgen Hans had to stop his business due to urgent situations in Germany in WW II and moved his whole family to a small town Bad Königssee in Germany.
In 1946, Deutsche Bank participated in 51% of Külinda share for its further business and by the year end, the total staff there was 17.
In 1949, Külinda expanded its main business to design and production of central air-conditioning field.
In 1956, Külinda ranked 66 of the 100 most competitive enterprises in Frankfurt.
Successively from 1968 to 1979, Külinda established offices in Milan, Paris, London and StPaul. By the time, the staff numbered over 100 and annual sales revenue were close to DM 260 million.
From mid-1980 to end-1990, Külinda expanded to service industry and developed into a leading multi-disciplinary management &consulting company. It started its branches in St. Paul, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris and Buenos Aires, etc.. After 1990, the enterprise’s staff expanded to nearly 500. In 1995, the annual sales revenue was up to DEM 165 million, 45% of revenue from international business.
In 2007, Külinda practiced a MBO plan. The Board of Directors and partners took back shares from Deutsche Bank and returned it as an independent enterprise, structured by partners. Meanwhile, it restructures Kulinda into three divisions: Management &consulting divisions, acquisition & merger divisions and refrigeration division.
Külinda started to open its market in China in 2008, and acquired Zhaoyang Inc., later Focusun Refrigeration (China) Company was founded which is developping and producing ice making machines, water-cooling machines, concrete cooling system, dynamic ice storage bins.

Successful story from Europe

Külinda has been an independent transnational company made up of 180 partners and steadily at the first top 10 consulting company in Europe. It owns 15 centers worldwide and meets clients with diversified solutions.
In addition to consulting business, Kulinda enjoys a good fame in research and development of refrigeration technology. It has established good technological channels with 15 leading universities and kept on exchanging theory and practicing.

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